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New Henny Penny smarthold holding cabinet

Hhc 990

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The equation is simple: longer holding times equal less wasted food. And that means bigger savings for you. The key to longer holding times is precise humidity control. Henny Penny SmartHold with automatic humidity control lets you select and maintain precise humidity levels in one-percent increments from 10% to 90% relative humidity. Longer hold times let you cook in larger quantities during off peak hours while serving delicious, hot fresh food on demand throughout the day. With separately programmed shelves and countdown timers, SmartHold has the versatility to handle hard-to-hold items like pizza and rice. You can also proof and hold in the same cabinet, or finish slow cooked ribs overnight! Pair with a Henny Penny FlexFusion combi for the ideal cook/hold solution. Easy to use, easy to own. Learn how Henny Penny SmartHold can make your kitchen more productive than ever. FEATURES Patented closed loop humidity control that allows operators to maintain any humidity level between 10% and 90% Constant digital humidity/temperature display Separate humidity/temperature set points Quick-response humidity generation Exclusive automatic venting Self-diagnostic system for vent motor, temperature sensor and water pan heater operation Low water warning light


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