How to choose a professional refrigerator

Opening a restaurant or cafe? You cannot do without a reliable refrigerator. And not just one … Let’s figure out how to choose it?

There is a huge difference between professional and domestic refrigeration equipment. Refrigeration systems purchased by owners of various stores are designed for long-term operation under conditions of constant increased load. Moreover, these systems are much simpler and easier to maintain and repair. Refrigerators used at home have a wide assortment with similar functionality. Therefore, when choosing a device, the buyer is guided by some parameters of the equipment and its appearance.

However, professional systems differ from household systems in that they have much more choice. For example, for home use there is a refrigerator itself, a freezer chamber, an ice generator and an air conditioning system. And to meet the needs of store owners today, there is an impressive number of various systems with decent functionality and various qualities:

  • Bar refrigerator, regular refrigerator, shock freezer cabinet .
  • Refrigerating chamber, coupled with accompanying devices.
  • Ice makers , wine storage cabinet and the like.
Varieties of refrigerated cabinets

What is the best choice? Refrigerator or cabinet? The camera is assembled from separate components where it is planned to be installed. Therefore, such equipment is located in any room, regardless of the layout. But the cabinet has a larger usable volume. You can use it right after installation.

Refrigeration systems used in the commercial sphere are less functional in comparison with household appliances. For example, when making a choice, the buyer mainly pays attention to the temperature inside the equipment. In this case, you should know what types this equipment is divided into:

  1. Low temperature. By creating and maintaining a constant -18 C, it freezes vegetables, fruits, and various sweet desserts without any problems.
  2. Medium temperature. The minimum temperature in them is -10 C. In such systems, products are stored for a short time and must be kept in closed packaging with a long storage period.
  3. There are also cabinets of transitional and mixed types: Systems that constantly maintain 0 C.
  4. In systems with a combined type, the temperature is low and medium.
  5. Equipment working with statistical cooling. It is able to provide a special temperature regime for each product.
  6. A cabinet with “shock” freezing and intensive cooling.

Unmistakable hardware selection

Before you buy a refrigerator for doing business, you should consider the following criteria:

  • Possibility to adjust parameters . The best option would be a system equipped with a temperature controller. It will not be superfluous to have a minimum step for accurately setting the temperature required for a specific product. When purchasing an enclosure that has multiple temperature zones, you need to make sure that you can make individual temperature settings in each of them.
  • Refrigerant type . Today, the main requirement for the refrigerant used in refrigerators has become its environmental friendliness. Usually, firms in the manufacture of cabinets opt for a refrigerant taking into account the parameters of the equipment, where it will work and the nuances of its design.
  • Compressor operation . The key parameters for this equipment will be a low noise level during operation, high power, allowing it to work continuously, maintaining the set temperature and reliability.
  • Country of origin . Refrigerators manufactured in countries with hot climates are distinguished by good reliability. However, buyers are paying increased attention to other metrics. Among them are technical characteristics, the class of the system you like, reviews of users who have already bought the equipment. Cabinets manufactured in our country, due to modern manufacturing technologies and foreign parts, practically do not differ from equipment manufactured abroad. The important advantages of domestic equipment can be safely attributed to the availability of a guarantee, an increased level of quality and the availability of service.